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Opera Like You've Never Heard Before - Mozart's Don Giovanni - a rock opera

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Don Giovanni, K. 527
First page of the Overture

Exciting news is on the horizon! Since our very successful Atlanta production this spring, some thrilling developments have been unfolding behind the scenes. While I can't reveal everything just yet, I've launched this blog to give you all the tea of "Mozart's Don Giovanni - a Rock Opera".

Stay tuned for a major announcement coming in the next few months (hopefully sooner). In the meantime, join me here as I share the inspiration and process behind merging Mozart's timeless masterpiece with the raw energy of rock. As the creator and producer, I'm eager to take you on this journey of musical revolution.

Ready to dive in? Follow along for exclusive insights and updates. The curtain is about to rise on something extraordinary!

Why Don Giovanni?

Mozart's "Don Giovanni" has captivated audiences for centuries with its rich melodies, intricate storytelling, and profound exploration of human nature. It is a work of art that transcends time and genre, making it the perfect canvas for our bold reinterpretation.

The Concept: Bridging Classical and Contemporary  For those of you who saw it in Atlanta, you've already experienced how my adaptation preserves the essence of Mozart's original score while infusing it with the raw power and modern edge of a rock orchestra. And for those who missed it, picture this: the soaring arias and dramatic duets of "Don Giovanni" take on new life when accompanied by electric guitars and pounding drums. This fusion creates a sound that not only resonates with today's audiences but also honors the timeless beauty of Mozart's composition. Whether you've heard it live or are just learning about it now, our goal is to bring a fresh, exciting energy to this classic opera.

The Libretto: Thought-Provoking, "Genuinely Funny", and Relevant  At the heart of my reinterpretation is a brand-new English libretto that reimagines the characters and their motivations. Whether you laughed along with us in Atlanta or are yet to experience it, know that I hope that I have crafted a libretto that's thought-provoking, timely,  and humorous with just the right amount a bawdiness to make Mozart proud . It offers a fresh perspective on this classic tale that speaks to modern audiences.

Our Vision and Predictions  I believe deeply in the transformative power of opera to unite, inspire, and provoke thought. With "Mozart's Don Giovanni - a Rock Opera," I'm pushing boundaries to challenge perceptions and ignite conversations. Those who joined us in Atlanta have seen this vision in action. I hope that my approach will celebrate Mozart and opera and continue to redefine how opera is perceived, bridging generations and musical tastes.

Join Us on This Journey  Whether you're continuing this journey with us from Atlanta or joining for the first time, I invite you to be part of this exhilarating adventure. Follow my blog for behind-the-scenes insights, updates on future productions, interviews with our talented team, and sneak peeks of performances. Your engagement - whether as a returning fan or a newcomer - is invaluable as we move forward. Together, let's celebrate the fusion of tradition and innovation in music.

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