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Libretto - Mozart's Don Giovanni - a rock opera

1 - Overture

2 - Seville. Some time ago. It is a little after midnight. In the garden in front of Donna Anna's home, Leporello stands guard.


Night and day I slave away

This routine is getting old

It snows all night and it rains all day

I’m tired, I'm wet, and my feet are cold

Oh, I want to be the rich man

And no longer be the slave

There is nothing more I crave

No, no, no, no, no, no

No longer be his slave

(Leporello removes his hat and bows to Don Giovanni, who is inside the house)

You are such a gentleman

You’re inside with the pretty lady

While I hide here in the shady

While feeling shady I'm feeling shady

Oh, if I were a rich man

I would trade this frostbite for gout

There is not a single doubt

No, no, no, no, no, no

The rich man's disease is gout

Uh-oh I think someone is coming

Yes, I know, someone is coming

And my voice must not be heard

And I cannot be found out here

No, my voice cannot be heard

No, no, no, no, no, no,

I must not be found out here

3 - Leporello hides. Don Giovanni rushes in trying to escape from Donna Anna. ANNA

You better kill me now

Because I will never let you get away


Silly girl stop your complaining

You got everything you wanted here today




Who do you think that you are fooling?

You had passion in your eyes Yes, I felt the sweetness of your kiss

What a racket

Oh God, such screaming

This time we may not be ok

You deceived me

and yes I was foolish

You seduced me with your lies Show me your face

You are the devil in disguise


Someone help me stop this man


Shut your mouth and stop this screaming ANNA

You're a bastard

GIOVANNI Foolish woman



Like the others

What a bastard




Such theatrics

He has gone too far

He’s crossed the line

And I am guilty, too

You should have killed me

You are a woman and you only want one thing

What's he doing?

I'm not joking and I promise you one thing

Your mouth says no And yet your body

wants to dance

I did not hear

you complain, love

Oh God, such screaming

If you don't kill me while you

Still have half a chance I won't rest until I'm certain who you are

I will hunt you down and find you

When you brought me to your bed

Propriety says in polite society A man who has integrity Would help the

damsel categorically Well, that man is not me

I will find out who you are

​You enjoyed it

Tell the truth now

​You deceived me

Such a liar

No regrets, love

I am a slave of duty So, I cannot help this beauty

Or I would

Someone help me

I think you're taking this a little bit too far

I will be gone because I always get away

Would that I could

Someone should help her

I'll hunt you down and I will find out who you are You may escape but you will never get away

You will never find me

You may escape then I will find you

You are taking this too far

Now's my chance to run away

And find a job with better pay

Yes, a better situation

With a pension, paid vacation,

Health and dental, too

I will find out who you are

But I must stop this dreaming

While the lady keeps

on screaming

He has gone too far and I am guilty, too

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