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 ACT 1 


2-Night And Day I Slave Away (Leporello)

3-You Better Kill Me Now (Anna, Giovanni, Leporello)

4-Leave Her Alone (Commander, Giovanni, Leporello)

5-Someone Help Me (Commander, Giovanni, Leporello)

6-My God, What is this? A(nna, Ottavio)

7-Go Away, Get Away (Anna, Ottavio)

8-(Recit) Leporello, Still Alive? (Giovanni, Leporello)

9-Who Can Help Me Find? (Elvira, Giovanni, Leporello)

10-(Recit) That Voice! (Elvira, Giovanni, Leporello)

11-The Almanac Of Fornication (Leporello)

12-(Recit) You've saved the day again, old friend (Giovanni, Leporello)

13-Give Me Your Hand, My Sweetness (Giovanni, Elvira)

14-(Recit) Don Giovanni! Thank Goodness We Found You (Ottavio, Giovanni, Elvira, Leporello, Anna)

15-(Recit) What the hell are you doing? (Anna, Ottavio)

16-Now You Know The Truth (Anna)

17-(Recit) I'm A Dead Man (Leporello, Giovanni)

18-Women And Laghter (Giovanni)

19-Act I Finale (Part 1) (Giovanni, Leporello, Elvira, Anna, Ottavio)

20-Act I Finale (Part 2) (Giovanni, Leporello, Elvira, Anna, Ottavio)

21-You Better Stop It (Giovanni, Leporello)

22-(Recit) Do You Know Why I Am Here? (Giovanni, Leporello)

23-Stand At Your Window (Giovanni, Elvira, Leporello)

24-(Recit) You There, Leporello! (Ottavio, Giovanni)

25-I Think That He Went This A-Way (Giovanni)

26-He Would Sing His Songs To Me (Elvira, Leporello, Ottavio, Anna)

27-(Recit) Don't You Dare You Judge Me (Anna, Elvira, Ottavio)

28-How Can I Comfort Her  (Ottavio)

29-Night And Day I Sell My Soul (Leporello)

30-What Can I Do To Protect Him? (Elvira)

31-(Recit) Graveyard Sequence - (Giovanni, Leporello, Commander)

32-Oh, Statue of Benevolence (Giovanni, Leporello, Commander)

33-Get Out Of My Sight (Anna, Ottavio)

34-Does He See Me As A Monster? (Anna)

35-Act II Finale (Part 1) (Giovanni, Leporello)

36-Actt III Finale (Part 2) (Elvira, Giovanni, Leporello)

37-Act II Finale (Part 3) (Leporello)

38-Act II Finale (Part 4) (Commander, Giovanni, Leporello)

39-Act II Finale (Part 5) (Giovanni, Leporello, Chorus of Demons)

Mozart's Don Giovanni - a rock opera
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